Cancellation Policy

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Cooling Off Period

This property allows you to cancel your booking within 2 days of making your deposit payment. Applying for cancellation within this cooling-off period means you will get your full deposit refund and will be released from the contract.

Full Policy


Can I cancel my contract under the Covid-19 Booking Guarantee (4PP) or Coronavirus Cancellation Policy (CCP)?

Both the CCP and 4PP policy were designed and offered in good faith to provide customers with the peace of mind that, should they be faced with circumstances outside their control, that made either study or travel impossible, we would do the right thing and waive contracts.

As all universities have delivered a blended learning approach since September, campus facilities have opened periodically and travel has broadly been possible throughout the academic year, only affected by temporary changes from time to time, these circumstances do not invalidate the full term of the contract that is in place with Vita Student. Particularly if these factors happened after a contract commencement date, or at a point where customers had the opportunity to commence their study, travel, and ultimately utilise their accommodation before advice changed.

However we recognise that these difficult times have created exceptional circumstances for all of us, and we are keen to work with individuals to support where we can taking all information into account. Please speak to our customer engagement team to discuss your individual circumstances and options. Email or arrange a callback.

What happens if my flight is cancelled and I can't get to the UK?

Don't worry. If you are unable to travel to the UK because of any government-imposed travel bans in the UK or in your home country, you must let us know within 48 hours and we will discuss the options available to you.

What happens if my course is moved online?

If you have been notifed that your course has been cancelled altogether or moved completely online you must let us know within 48 hours and we will discuss the options available to you.

What happens if I can't get my Visa?

We completely understand and you're not the only one that hasn't received your grades or Visa yet. Get in touch with our Customer Engagement team to see how we can help you:

What happens if I don't get my place at University?

If you don't get the place that you were expecting at university, please let us know within 48 hours and we will discuss the options available to you.

Can I change my contract length?

You are liable for the contract that you have signed at the point of booking but if you wish to extend the length of your contract or reduce the length of your contract, please get in touch with our Customer Engagement team:, and we will discuss your options.

General Cancellation Policy

With all bookings for the 21/22 academic year we allow a 5-day cooling off period after paying the Advance License Fee if your accommodation is booked prior to 25th May 2021. After the 25th May 2021, the cooling off period becomes 48 hours.

If you cancel within 5 days (or 48 hours after 25th May 2021), the Advance Payment will be fully refunded to the account from which it was paid. Once you have booked and the 5 days has elapsed (or 48 hours after 25th May 2021), you are bound into a legal licence agreement which requires you to pay for the full period of the licence agreement. We suggest if you are unsure about exam results, receiving your visa or other condition on you attending University that you contact us to discuss on +44(0)203 096 1717.

After booking and the expiry of the 5-days (or 48 hours after 25th May 2021), the only way to release yourself from the license agreement is to find a replacement tenant who will take on the full liability for payment of the License Fee.
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