Cancellation Policy

Charles Morton Court

Cooling Off Period

This property allows you to cancel your booking within 15 days of making your deposit payment. Applying for cancellation within this cooling-off period means you will get your full deposit refund and will be released from the contract.

No Visa, No pay

Your booking can be cancelled for free if you are unable to get your travel Visa.

No Place, No Pay

Your booking can be cancelled for free if you are unable to meet academic requirements of your university of choice.

Travel Restrictions Covered

Your booking can be cancelled for free if you are unable to travel to the UK due to government travel restrictions.

Full Policy

In keeping with the constantly-changing current situation, we have reviewed our cancellation policy for students who have signed their tenancy agreement for the 2020/21 academic year.

Our revised cancellation policy now states that students are eligible to be released from their tenancy agreements if:

  • The students’ offer of a place at their preferred University / Higher Education institution is withdrawn as a result of them not achieving the required entry grades
  • They have surpassed their required entry grade and choose to go to a different University, or
  • They have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from taking their place at University.

In order to meet the criteria, students will need to provide Collegiate one of the following:

  • To provide a written rejection letter from the University/Higher Education Institute
  • To provide a copy of the acceptance letter from the new university
  • Evidence as to why they cannot take their place.
This policy change is designed to protect those who may be forced to cancel their plans to study in the UK due to the potential travel restrictions, a visa issue or a non-acceptance at the university. Upcoming international travel policies may vary from country to country.

We remind students that have booked or would like to book with us, that they have 15 days from making their booking to sign the tenancy agreement. The £100 Reservation Rent is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled within this period. Once the tenancy agreement has been signed, the Reservation Rent will be held until the first rental payment falls due under your tenancy agreement and will be offset against the amount to be paid.
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